Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome, I'm Nuts

My name is Jen, it is lovely to meet you.

I am what some would refer to as a crazy person.

Why, you may ask? Well please, allow me reveal the tip of the iceberg.

I was raised in a colorful, female-only household. Holiday decorations were plentiful and handmade. We had blankets all over the place. Every argument erupted into tears and lasted into the wee hours of the morning, when the rising sun sizzled any surviving hatred into a pile of exhausted hugs and unconditional forgiveness. My mother made everything special. She created in me a passion....many passions, in fact.

I want to do everything, try everything, be everyone for at least one day. I'm easily distracted by glittering stones, colorful birds, and anything that relates to my insecurity of the hour. I have absolutely no idea what I want, ever. Everything. Give me everything and then I'll tell you what I don't want. (..........crazy!)

I'm blessed with two beautiful daughters. I struggle to justify any time spent completing work outside of those two angels. I could be the most spectacular Executive Assistant in the world and still not be anywhere as proud as I am of my two children.

Please don't misunderstand. I never actively sought to be a mother. Oh no. No, I was the teenager who cussed at your kid's favorite playground. I was a very vocal advocate for the elimination of children in restaurants. I blew smoke in babies faces......

....Ok not that last one, but I thought about it once.

Meeting Aaron changed my life. He continues to change my life. And he's hott, so there's that.

Picture the ying to your yang, only all jacked-up. We couldn't be more different. He is logical, really into numbers, and follows this infamous "bro code" you will undoubtedly hear about in future posts. I am creative, a dreamer, and content with making plans...not necessarily executing them. He quiets the incessant crazy drums in my soul. We've worked hard to get where we're at. War, infidelity, surprise kids, financial failure, you name it, we've encountered it.

Anything worth a damn requires work.

I live in an adorable two-bedroom home on a half-acre lot. I have big dreams for this place, it's half the reason I bought it. Potential.

Now with these huge dreams come huge projects; many failures, some successes. I'll include all my juicy before-and-afters. If I can actually accomplish the goal I'll be sure to include the steps and "DO-NOTS" so you don't look as idiotic as I most likely did.

I will talk about my loves, my projects, and my everyday Seinfeld scripts. I also hope to navigate my way through what I predict will be a long and tumultuous road toward self-acceptance.

With every step I take I learn about yet another element of my own personality. I will share what I find.... hopefully I will find a few more crazies and we can unite under one beautiful, flowing flag of nuts.

Thank you for visiting :) Come back soon!