Friday, August 7, 2015

Own a Chicken, Own the World

Just poppin' in real quick to say............

We've got eggs. Or, more appropriately.......WE'VE GOT EGGS!

Ruby, one of my barred rock hens, started laying this week. Might as well have opened the nesting box and found a watermelon-sized diamond in there. I ran screaming into the house, calling my big girl outside to witness the miracle upon miracles.....EGG! EGG! EEEGGGG!

Ruby makes the most perfect, cute lil brown eggs, don't you think? She's given us 4 so far in the span of 5 days....a little workhorse! The eggs will get larger as she gets older - but in all honesty I am loving how cute and tiny these things are. Check out the side-by-side with the store-bought:

I don't think I've been this excited since I brought the lil' girls home from that big farm store.

Obligatory my-girl's-egg-is-healthier-than-your-store's-egg shot:

Deep yellow yolks indicate I'm essentially the best chicken farmer this side of the Mississippi.

I feel incredible. It's funny -  this whole homesteading wanna-be thing has shown me just how excited I can get about things I never thought twice about before. Eggs. Popping out of chicken butts. Awesome.

So apologies for the short post, but I gotta boogie. Off this weekend to the Mother Earth News Fair in Wisconsin.

Heading up there with my big girl and my mama....we're staying in a barn hostel....on an organic farm. Yep, I might just be peein' my pants right now.

I'm bringing one of my favorite books (Folks, This Ain't Normal) written by one of my favorite people (Joel Salatin) and hoping I don't have to knock anyone out in the book signing line. I can practically hear the pen as he puts his signature right on the first page. Obviously freaking out just sitting here typing about how I'm thinking about meeting him. Sure I'm going to ooze sophistication and style once I get there and actually have to speak to him. Don't worry. I'll report back next week on how it all goes down.

Going to be an incredible weekend :) Enjoy the day everyone and thank you, as always, for reading :)


  1. Aww, definitely exciting! All your hard work is starting to pay off. Is there actually a reason why some yolks are darker than ohers? Here, friends are often giving us "kampung eggs" and the yolks always seem nearly orange (kampungs are the name for small villages here--so our friends get a bunch of eggs from their friends in the village and then give them to the family with a million kids). It's a very practical gift. :)

    1. Yes!! Dark orange yolks are considered more nutritionally dense - they have more Omega-3's, beta carotene, and Vitamin A, but less cholesterol. A double whammy of awesomeness! Yolk color is directly attributed to the bird's feed so it paints a nice picture of the life of the bird, too - if they are free to graze on bugs, grass, and plants, they will have a darker, richer yolk. Some commercial farmers actually give their birds supplements to try and attain that juicy orange hue! It is so awesome you get those kinda eggs as gifts! !! They are little orbs of gold if you ask me...and it sounds like they are from happy birds!! :)

  2. So fun. I see lots of scrambled eggs in your future. I grew up on a farm with chickens, so can almost taste those fresh eggs. Congrats.

  3. Hope you have fun at the fair!! That's gangster that your chickies now produce eggs!! ;) Send me some! What's the maximum amount of eggs your chickies can produce? Glad to see your chickies are producing healthy, awesome eggs and are happy. :) Let me know how your trip goes lovely! Take it easy and hope you enjoy your trip with mom and your big gal. Talk soon lovely Jen! -Iva