Monday, December 14, 2015

What I Really Want for Christmas

I just spent close to five hours researching homemade chicken food. I have excel open, the little computer calculator sitting in the toolbar, and countless blog posts windowed in my Chrome tabs.

Pricing chicken feed, dear readers, is the 10th circle of hell.

So instead of delivering a wise and well-written post about chicken feed I thought I'd focus on things I like. You know. Anything other than chicken food. Fun stuff. Like presents.

I love my kids. They truly are the best presents a girl could get. But sometimes, being a mom of small kids means I get the shaft in the purchased gift department. Or the feeling special department. Or hell, just in the "thank you" department. And that's ok, you know? It will pass sooner than I want it to and then my kids will be grown and undoubtedly showering me with hundreds of gifts to compensate for the years upon years of sweat, blood, and tears I willingly donated to their childhoods. That's what happens, right? Your kids turn 18 and then WHAMMO, you get presents raining down upon your heads, right? RIGHT?

So I'm gonna start a list. You know. To prepare for the upcoming Shower of Gifts for Mom. Or maybe, in all seriousness, to just focus on the things that matter most during this (sometimes materialistic) holiday season.

1. Stock in hardware cloth because hell-ooo, early retirement!

2. One solid hour of my two daughters getting along

3. Rent-free homes for my mom (a cottage in the woods) and sister (a gypsy trailer)

4. American citizenship for Aya. Aya is an Iraqi refugee whose application for resettlement in America was rejected. She has a very real, very eye-opening story that you can read about on the Humans of New York Facebook page. If you'd like to voice your support for Aya, you can sign a petition for her on this page.

5. Pretty much anything written by Joel Salatin

6. To feel proud and in love with my body regardless of, as my husband's friends call it, my Estimated Growth Potential (aka, how much weight a woman gains as she ages/has children/etc.)

7. Snow! :)

8. One of those book exchange sign-up delivery services. You know. Where really attractive men deliver a books once per week so you always have a fresh book to read. Those types of services exist, right? Hmm? Yes?

9. A community owned grocery store in my area

10. My 2nd mama to be cancer free and healthy forever and ever, Amen

11. One entire day of just me, my PJs, snuggly kids, popcorn, Dots, cocoa, and movies

12. A book agent

13. Easter Egger chickens, complete with free feed for life

14. The ability to calm down and not get so angry and frustrated

15. Anything, and I mean anything, from the Simple Life Mom store on Etsy

16. The power to convince others to rethink the way they think, particularly about things like food, racism, and global politics

17. I'd love for my entire head of hair to turn silver all at once. I am excited about "going grey"...I consider those silver strands my sprouting unicorn mane. I just wish it would kinda happen now, instead of little by little. I want full unicorn, baby!

18. To end my reliance on money and grid-delivered energy

19. 500 pounds of pure, organic, hand-expressed coconut oil

20. For each of my lovely readers to feel loved, supported, and happy. Cuz that's how you make me feel :)

What about you? What do you really want for Christmas? I'd love to
hear about it in the comments down below and as always, thank you so, so much for reading!!


  1. Great post! I might as well add most of yours to my list as well :) I've been following Aya's story as well... truly heartbreaking. I also can't wait for my entire head of hair to turn silver--it's gonna be awesome!

    1. Thank you Christina!! And isn't Aya the best? I hope her appeal team is able to work their magic. And I'm glad I'm not the only silver-haired fox wannabe out there!! haha my friends think I'm nuts!!!! Thanks for stopping over :)

  2. But where would you store the coconut oil? I think #8 is more practical. :)

  3. Loved your list Jen. Many of them made me laugh out loud which was greatly appreciated this morning. Just reading about your quest for chicken feed was great. Hope you get that all worked out soon without too much additional stress. AND I hope you get that hour of your girls getting along. Wow, do I remember those days. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Deb!! What a sweet comment! And yes isn't the chicken feed topic a little insane? I mean, I was finding great blog posts....but then realized too late that they're from like 2009 and the prices are nowhere near where I need them to be...just so crazy. And you know what? I did get that hour! It's amazing what PlayDough will do!! HAHA Merry Christmas Deb and I hope you have a very happy New Year :)

  4. Seems like a great list!

  5. Got some good ideas on this list. Just point the girls to this blog post once they get some pocket money. My mom is really hard to buy presents for. She's not a big "gift" kind of person. I got her a 2016 planner and pen and some really weird looking black bamboo charcoal noodles for Christmas...because whenever I see really weird ingredients at the grocery store, I think of her....

    1. Hahah right? Not gonna lie, I would love some black bamboo charcoal noodles! Those sound awesome!! For someone who's hard to buy for, you sure found her a unique and awesome present!

  6. Yes to the book agent for sure. I'm still trying!

    I like your list. I hope you get some of the stuff you mentioned.

    1. Awww thanks girl :) Keep your head up with the book agent! The perfect agent may be hard to find but just like with anything only need one, the right one! :)