Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Pinterest: It's Not Fall Yet

The second week of August. We're right smack-dab in the middle of what I like to call the seasonal mind shift. The novelty of a sweaty, sunny beach has worn off and hot, sticky cars are becoming pretty obnoxious. We're ready for crisp air, local apples, and orange leaves. The only problem? Earth isn't there yet.

Mother Nature has thrown us a few bones; we have earlier sunsets, chillier mornings, and wilting cornflowers. It's a change, but it certainly isn't fall. It's sumall. Or falmer, whichever you choose. I'm going with Sumall because summer comes before fall and my simple mind can't ignore this logic.

From inside my house, Sumall looks perfect. The temperatures average in the mid-70s, the sun shines, and we get a nice, gentle amount of rain. The grass is still emerald green and the kids are still riding bikes in the middle of the day. Sounds pleasant, right? It is, until you go outside, and seven thousand mosquitos land on you in a matter of seconds, and you're sweating under a scorching sun one minute, shivering under gray clouds the next, and you head to the farmer's market and they still don't have local apples because the harvest hasn't happened yet, and you realize all those pretty thoughts of pumpkins and foiliage are just that....thoughts. I'm talking to you, Pinterest. Stop pushing your amazing Halloween and fall ideas in my face.

There are a few good things about Sumall, though. The kids head back to school in a week or two. My kid is going into second grade, so she still gets really pumped about the first day of school. Picking out a pencil case generates about as much excitement as if I were sending her into Disneyland on the back of a diamond-encrusted elephant. Don't even get me started on Lisa Frank. Of all the things I could potentially pass down to my kids, I never guessed it'd be the sheer, pee-yourself joy of receiving a shiny, new Markie the Galloping Unicorn folder. Winning.

We braved a Sumall walk tonight after dinner. I slathered the girls up in some smelly oil that doesn't work ultra-botanical, non-toxic bugspray and away we went. We dodged from bugs, we dove from bugs, it was real relaxing. While running from an especially ferocious cloud of blood-suckers, I noticed something that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me forget about flailing around like someone needing medical attention: flowers. Placing a mental check on the positive side of Sumall, I snapped a few pics...we have some gorgeous flowers in bloom right now:

Touch√©, Sumall. You may be buggy, but what you lack in comfort, you make up in beauty.


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  1. So funny we braved sumall for a few drinks on the patio. Lathered up in bug spray. Aside from our stinkiness it was so nice. And you are right though. The flowers are beautiful. I had my Jen moment as well.