Friday, August 2, 2013

Will Work for Portfolio Material

Alright my lovely readers, you've probably noticed by now I've been a bit behind with posting (my Tuesday blog on Wednesday, last week my Friday blog was on Saturday.....CHAOS). Well, I have a bit of a secret. I've been busy. Real busy. Busy doing very exciting things..


I'm launching what I hope will be a very successful commercial and creative freelance writing career! Yep, Jennifer Ludwigsen, Writer Extraordinaire, at your service :) It's so exciting...webpage design, slogans, marketing, honing my skills, identifying my many incredible things to work on! It's like a dream come true!!





I'm terrified.

what am I doing what if I fail what if I become overloaded and can't make time to take vacations what if my passion for writing dies at the hand of a editor what if it isn't profitable what if I'm not as good as I think I am

BLAST INFERNO! (***confused? Read this bad boy.)

Fear is natural, but it can't stop me now. I love to write, truly I do. I love to help people by identifying and explaining a different perspective, one they haven't thought of before. I love small business owners and I take pride in my community. I believe in what I'm writing and I believe in the people I write it for.

Speaking of people I believe in....

Want some free stuff?? You see, I’m building an online portfolio, but aside from some **awesome** things I've created for my current job, I don't have a wide range of material to showcase my freelancing capabilities. I'm a newbie. And newbies gotta work to get to not-so-newbie.
So here's my offer:
One fully-executed project pro bono to the first ten clients who contact me.
In exchange for my work, I ask only for permission to post completed work on my website and include the business' name on my “Clients” page. That's it. Nothing else. Nada. You can have some incredible material (and your name on my website - free advertising is always good!) and I can have a diverse portfolio.
Great, Jen, but what does a commercial freelancer do??
For starters:
Website material and organization
Employee benefits documentation
Social media management
Instructional manuals
Radio and television advertisement scripts
Email, memo, and letter templates
Brochures, flyers, and marketing material
Training documents and presentations
Demonstration handouts
Special events flyers
Follow-up logs and sales tracking
Standard operating procedures
PowerPoint presentations
Employee handbooks
Project management logs
Meeting minutes and agendas
Speech material
Job descriptions

I also deal in editing and creative writing, including product reviews, business blogs, and both printed and online articles.
The possibilities are truly endless ~ written communication is one of the most powerful elements in human nature. With my help, we can demonstrate this historical truth throughout your business.
It's really a win-win for everyone involved. Except of course my pillow. If this works the way I hope it will, I won't be sleeping very much at all. Sounds terrible, right? .....for some strange reason the thought of it is making me just a little bit giddy :)
Thank you so much reading everyone!
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  1. I am so excited for you!! You are an amazing person and you only have incredible things coming for you!! I am so happy you are finally able to follow your passion. I will be honored to say I knew you when!! That all being said. I say me. I need your help!!